Fishguard Sprint Triathlon 12 June 2021
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Acceptance of Conditions

These Conditions shall apply in place of and prevail over any terms or conditions (whether or not in conflict or inconsistent with these Conditions) contained or referred to in any documentation submitted by the Participant or in correspondence or elsewhere or implied by trade custom, practice or course of dealing. A variation of these Conditions is only valid if the Event Organiser gives notice to the Participant in writing in any official Event material or correspondence prior to the Event (including via email), The Participant shall be deemed to have accepted these Conditions upon completion of the Entry Form.

2. Participation

2.1 The Participant acknowledges that participation in the Event is physically strenuous. It is acknowledged that participation in the Event will be physically demanding and the Participant is aware of the nature of the Event and associated medical and physical risks involved.

2.2 The Participant agrees that he/she is physically capable of competing in the Event and agrees to be solely responsible for his/her actions and the Event Organiser, its officers, employees, agents, affiliates, associated companies, sponsors or medical advisers are not responsible for any injury or illness that the Participant may suffer as a result of his/her participation in the Event. The Participant accepts that should any medical or physical condition arise prior to the Event which is likely to affect his/her ability to compete, the Participant will withdraw in accordance with these Conditions.

2.3 The Participant agrees to abide by all applicable rules and regulations including the British Triathlon Association ("BTA") Competition and Doping rules and the rules and regulations of the International Triathlon Union ("ITU"). The Participant shall not be entitled to a refund of the Fees if he or she is disqualified from the Event as a result of an infringement of these Conditions or any such rules and regulations. The Event Organiser is also entitled to impose Event rules upon the Participant from time to time which will form part of these Conditions. The relevant rules and regulations may be obtained from, and governing bodies associated with all our Triathlon events.  At Long Course Weekend, guidelines will follow that of the BTA where applicable. The race Directors and Race referee also reserve the right to Disqualify or Issue Time Penalties should they feel athletes have acted unfairly, started in incorrect waves or acted outside the spirit of the event.

2.4 The Participant must register and rack their bicycle at the times and on the day as instructed in the Event Information which will be issued by the Event Organiser before the Event.

2.5 It is the Participant's responsibility to provide and use a roadworthy bicycle and helmet which comply with governing body rules and regulations.

2.6 The Event Organiser may introduce cut off times as they see fit as part of the Event rules, being limits on the time taken to complete sections of the Event (as initiated by the Event Organiser at its discretion) to ensure the safe and proper running of the Event. Subsequently, competitors may be instructed to withdraw from the race in accordance with imposed cut off times.

2.7 Unless otherwise notified by the Event Organiser swimming wetsuits are compulsory for open water. It is the Participant's responsibility to provide and use a wetsuit which complies with BTA rules and regulations. Participants without a wetsuit will not be allowed to compete.

2.8 The Event Organiser reserves the right at any time to remove Participants from the Event or prevent Participants participating in the Event and future events if, in the Event Organisers sole discretion, it considers such action necessary for safety reasons or the proper enjoyment of the Event by other Participants or for any other reasonable reason. No refund of the Fee shall be made if the Participant has acted negligently, maliciously, with wilful misconduct or otherwise without due care and attention for the Event or other participants, so as to cause his/her removal/disqualification; the said athletes may also face a life ban from all events.

2.9 The Event Organiser will email all communications, including any offers of deferred entry or reserved entry places, newsletters and other relevant Event information, to the email address provided by the Participant on the Entry Form.  The Event Organiser shall not be held responsible for any computer malfunctions or other technical anomalies that may occur in the process of sending out such email communications that result in failure of receipt by the Participant.  To ensure receipt of all Event Information, it is the sole responsibility of the Participant to ensure they provide the Event Organiser with the correct email address and postal address and to inform the Event Organiser of any changes to these prior to the Event.

The Event Organiser will process any changes to the Participant’s contact details up to 4 weeks before the Event. If a Participant has a change in address after this time, he/she must contact the Event Organiser to arrange to collect/receive a Race Pack.  Prior to the Event, the Event Organiser shall deliver a link to the official Race Pack by email to the address provided by the Participant on the Entry Form. The Event Organiser assumes no responsibility for the non-delivery of any Race Pack that has been emailed by the Event Organiser.  Should the Participant not receive a Race Pack prior to the Event for whatever reason, it is the Participant’s responsibility to contact the Event Organiser and arrange to collect/receive a Race Pack.

2.10 At registration, the Participant must produce appropriate photographic personal identification acceptable to the Event Organiser (such as drivers licence or passport), and BTA members must produce their BTA membership card. Should an athlete pass on / or accept a place either free or paid for, both athletes will be disqualified prior to and/or during the event.  This includes selling the place online or by any other means.  Due to the severity of invalidating insurance, wrong medical information and next of kin info; the said athletes may also face a life ban from all events.

2.11 Race number/goodie bag must be collected by the athlete only, with appropriate photographic personal identification.

2.12 While the Event Organiser takes every care with the staging of the Event, the Participant acknowledges that personal accident and personal items insurance is his or her sole responsibility.

2.13 The minimum age of entry for Sprint and Olympic Distance races is 14 years old at the 31st December of the Event year.

2.14 Team entries must provide confirmation of full details of all team members in writing a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the Event.

2.15 All decisions and rulings by the Event Organiser, its employees and its agents are considered final. Accordingly, the Participant will comply with all Event rules and all instructions and guidelines given by stewards, marshals, and safety personnel. The Participant acknowledges and agrees that the Event Organiser will organise and run the Event and will have sole authority and be the final arbiter on all decisions relating to the safety, running and organisation of the Event, the rules of the Event, the timings/finish times and the placings.

2.16 These Conditions are personal to the Participant and it may not assign any of its rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the Event Organiser. The Participant represents and warrants that the Entry is purchased for personal use only, that it cannot be donated free of charge or otherwise given away for free, and that it is not purchased as part of any form of business or commercial activity (save as expressly authorised by the Event Organiser), and in particular, that the Entry may not be resold or offered for resale by anyone whether at a premium or otherwise and may not be used for advertising, promotion use as a prize (including in competitions and sweepstakes), travel packages, or for any other trade purposes. A donation, give away, resale or attempted resale is grounds for seizure or cancellation without refund or other compensation.

2.17 The Participant acknowledges and accepts that circumstances concerning an Event may change from time to time for reasons out of the Event Organisers reasonable control or otherwise, without the Event Organiser incurring any liability and without any rights to withdrawal being accrued by the Participant other than set out in clause 4 below. By way of example, and for illustration purposes only, car parking arrangements, rules regarding wet suits, and issues with hotels may arise/change but such changes/issues will not allow the Participant to withdraw and nor will the Event Organiser be deemed liable except as otherwise set out herein.

2.18 Any athlete making slanderous or inaccurate comments/status on social media will be disqualified and/or banned from all future events and may result in legal action.

3. Bookings and Payments

3.1 In consideration for being granted the right to participate, the Participant must pay the Fee by no later than the closing date set out on the Entry Form.

3.2 The Participant shall not be eligible or entitled to participate in the Event until full payment of the Fee has been received by the Event Organiser no less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the event. No payment shall be deemed to have been received until the Event Organiser has received cleared funds.

3.3 Athletes who register on or before 1 December 2018 may elect to pay via a five-part payment plan for the Full Long Course Weekend and VIP All Inclusive Long Course Weekend Entry. Athletes will be charged the current price in five installments. To elect the payment plan, an athlete needs to register under the “Payment Plan” category and make the initial deposit + 8% Active Fee payment. All payments must be completed for an athlete to race – partial payments will not be refunded or honoured as race entries.

4. Withdrawal, Cancellations or Alterations

4.1 We shall not be liable to refund entry or for any other penalty should the event be cancelled due to Force Majeure (war, fire, strike-lockout, industrial action, tempest, accident, civil disturbance or any other cause whatsoever beyond their control.) We will rearrange an event and anyone who cannot enter will not be entitled to a refund. Should the events not be rearranged a refund will not be issued. Also, should the conditions dictate then the event organisers will run a duathlon. No refunds will be given.

4.2 If you have not purchased the event insurance and are unable to attend any of our events, there is no opportunity to have a refund, to defer your entry to another event, nor find a substitute for your entry.

4.3 Transfers to another person can be made more than 4 weeks prior to the event with an administration fee, at the current rate of entry. Any attempt to pass on, or sell your place, will result in an instant disqualification, without refund.  No refunds will be made without cancellation insurance (More than 60 days prior to the event) and we do not defer entries to another year.

4.4 In the event of cancellation of the event by Activity Wales Events, we will endeavour to inform all athletes a week prior to the event, although please be aware that this is not always possible.  All events will be reimbursed in full or the payment will be transferred in full to another event with Activity Wales Events.  We shall not accept liability for any consequential loss and shall have no liability to reimburse any other costs that may have occurred, including transport cost, accommodation etc.

Activity Wales Events Waiver

I understand that participating in this event is potentially hazardous and that I should not enter and participate unless I am medically able and properly trained.

In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, I assume full and complete responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur while I am travelling to or from the event, during the event, or while I am on the premises of the event.

I also understand that all supporters are my responsibility and take full responsibility for all their actions. Any abuse of race officials, marshals or event staff will result in my instant disqualification.

I also am aware of and assume all risks associated with participating in this event, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, the effect of weather, traffic, and conditions of the road. I, for myself and my heirs and executors, hereby waive, release and forever discharge the event organizers, sponsors, promoters, Activity Wales Events and each of their agents, representatives, successors and assigns, and all other persons associated with the event, for all my liabilities, claims, actions, or damages that I may have against them arising out of or in any way connected with my participation in this event.

I understand that this waiver includes any claims, whether caused by negligence, the action or inaction of any of the above parties, or otherwise.

I hereby grant full permission to any and all of the above parties to use any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, website images, recordings or any other record of this event.


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